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A special message from Ft. Tuthill

2018 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the November 11th, 1918 end of World War 1. The illustration, text, and video further commemorate a unique story of that war occurring on Christmas Eve 1914 between British and German soldiers. Although some question a soccer match actually took place, there is no question the activities of soldiers on both sides for a short time that Christmas Eve truly illustrated the real spirit of Christmas.

This year also commemorates the 10th anniversary of 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry "Bushmasters 2008" Afghanistan Deployment and current deployment of a major portion of the battalion to the Middle East. Our thoughts and prayers are with soldiers of the battalion as well as all members of our armed services who continue to preserve and protect the many freedoms we enjoy.

Our Very Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Museum Directors and Staff.

The Story of the Christmas Truce

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1914, British and German forces at various places along the front met informally in no-man's land. In most places it began with each side singing carols and putting Christmas trees over their own positions. A few soldiers from each side ventured out and exchanged Christmas wishes and small presents and soon most of the soldiers on both sides were involved. Apparently in several places the trenches were empty while the opposing armies played football/soccer.  source:

NOTE: The Museum originally sent this card and story in 2007, commemorating the Afghanistan deployment of the 1-158th. We are sending it again this year due to the number of people expressing interest in the WWI story and the Battalion’s deployment. Several books have been written on this unique historical event and a wealth of information is readily available on the internet (Keywords: Christmas Truce First World War). Updates on current and future Battalion deployments will be included in the museum newsletter.

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